Why you shouldn't see only the good in people

Ashlynn always saw the good in people, she said it was their potential, all the nicknames she gave we're what she could see in them. For example the mailman was called "Pilot" and Suzy Reynolds was called "Modern Picasso" and my nickname was "Writer ". Ashlynn named everyone she met, even strangers, she said the best way to make friends is to talk to them. She would look at them for a.moment, smile real big and then say you are now "______" and that's what they went along with. Ashlynn was special. A good special and she was smart, and very very pretty. Sh had long black waves for hair, big green eyes like a forest after the rain. She would dance in the rain when no one else would. She was beautiful. One hot summer day as I played with my baby sister in our yard, I saw Ashlynn walking with a man, she kept tilting her head from side to side, confusion on her face. She saw me and smiled, she even waved. I called out to her and asked what her friends nickname was. Again she looked at him, confusion mounting, but she shook it off shrugged her shoulders and continued to follow the man. Four days later local cols found her body in a river, she had been molested several times, and choked to death. After all Ashlynn only saw the good in people. 

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  1. Dino01

    darkkk….but cool

    July 04, 2016