Mr. Rielson stood in the kitchen washing dishes and watching his son play in the back yard. His son Josh was a 10 year old little boy with blonde curly hair, bright happy green eyes, and was always obediant to his father. Josh’s mom had died when he was 5 so he didn’t remember much about her. Since his wife’s death Mr. Reilson and Josh moved around the country a lot always going to small and quiet towns. They currently had just moved to a new town, it was small and quiet just like Mr. Rielson liked it, it was hard moving all the time but his son always made friends and was always happy. Looking up from his thoughts Mr. Rielson had noticed that his son wasnt in the backyard, before Mr. Rielson could even move towards the back door the front door had swung open with a happy 10 year old with a mouth full of candy walked in.

“Why were you in the front yard Josh?” Josh looked at his father and tried to talk but the candy made it hard.

“Spit that candy out, you know how I feel about candy and strangers, since that is where you got the candy from.” Josh rolled his eyes but listened to his father and got the candy out of his mouth.

“I got the candy from a man out front with a paperclip chain. I think he made it for a dog, and then he lost the dog, he said if i helped him then he would give me candy, but i told him you didnt like strangers or me to have candy.” Josh got up to the table and looked at his dad. He wanted food, so Mr. Rielson began to make dinner. As usual after dinner Josh took his bath, brushed his teeth and put on his Pj’s. Mr. Rielson was in the bathroom draining the water when he heard Josh laughing and talking happily. Opening his sons door just a crack he could see candy wrappers all over the floor, opening it wider he could see his sons window open but his son was already fast asleep.

The next morning as Josh was getting ready for the day Mr. Rielson was in the kitchen making breakfast. Something in Josh’s room made a loud thump and Mr. Rielson thought that it had just been Josh jumping off his bed until he heard it again and then a crashong of glass.


“Josh, who is in your room?” Mr. Rielson walked down the hall and into his sons room and noticed that nothing was out of place except his son wasnt in the room. Mr. Rielson began searching the whole house for his son but he wasnt any where to be found. Something was wrong Mr. Rielson couldnt find Josh anywhere and it seemed like the longer he looked the more impossible it was to find him. Mr. Rileson then did what every parent would do, he called the police. The police searched for five hours but they could not find Josh, telling Mr. Rielson that they would keep an eye out. It was 8 pm and there was still no sign of Josh. Worried Mr. Rielson sat down at his computer and began to type. ‘Man killed by paperclip chain’, no results. He sighed and tried a different search ‘School teacher gone insane’ three results popped up he clicked the second. The article stated that a school teacher by the name of Mr. Handerton went insane and strangled his students with a paperclip chain after they took candy from his drawer without asking, after killing 15 kids he then hung himself with the paperclip chain. As Mr. Rielson was reading the article a cold sweat began to form and he could hear the swinging of something spinning in the air, he could hear the faint sounds of metal scraping against other metal and then he could feel a cold breeze on the back of his neck sending chills down his spine. Turning slightly he finally saw what his son had been seeing, he saw a school teacher with a paper clip chain swinging menacingly over his head. But that wasnt what terrified him most, behond the man he saw his son. And that was all that Mr. Rielson saw. If he would have scrolled down before he turned he would have saw the adress at where the school teacher hung himself.

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