The wolf with blue eyes chapter four

The next night we sat around the kitchen table. Ezekiel and I still made no eye contact. It was hard not to look at him. I wantedvto finish the vision but was afraid to faint again. What kind of Alpha fainted?  I shook my head clearly the thoughts from my head. I could feel the static tingle in the air between us. From lacking sleep-in inner fox wanted to run. I stood not caring about the scraping of the chair against the floor.  Turned and walked out the back door,  once up the hill I took off for the trees. I had made it far enough into the trees when my body began to shake violently. I cried out and dropped to the ground. I clutched my stomach and bit my l lip. My spine cracked loudly another shriek tore itself from my throat. My human mind slowly faded and the fox burst through out of the last of my human memories. After she ripped through,  my vision became clearer. My scent stronger.  My hearing better. My ears twitched at the sound of incoming feet. I snarled not wanting to deal with it. I turned and ran through the forest.  I had to get away.

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