The Sun, Moon, Rooster, Wolf and Shadow

Once when the Earth was young and humans still were being created with their soul mates the Sun traveled the day skies with Rooster and the Moon traveled the night skies with Wolf. Back then everything was peacful, until a wicked and jealous spirit changed that. This spirit was jealous that neither Sun nor Moon would love him. So he did something that Sun and Moon and never expected to happen when the Earth was created. In the creation there was a treaty between Sun, Moon and Earth, Rooster would follow Sun across the day skies and Wolf would follow Moon across the night skies and protect her. Earth on the other hand would keep the people and any animals from the spirit world. Except this spirit wasnt an animal, this spirit was created when Sun woke for the day and her rays touched Earth, and grew stronger when Moons weaker rays touched Earth. Moon strengthed this spirit most and it wasnt long before he required a name for himself and fell in love with Moon, he believed that Moon should rule both skies that she was the strongest spirit of the skies and when Sun was around he, now calling himself Shadow had a plan to make Rooster and Sun leave the spirit world. When Sun fell asleep, Shadow went to Rooster and told him how he over heard Sun talking about how much she would love to hear him sing but the only way that he could sing he would have to exist the spirit world. Feeling like he could trust Shadow, Rooster left the spirit world. And when Sun woke up, Rooster began to sing. Sun was so devestated to see her Rooster in the human world, and the treaty that was made in the begging wouldnt allow Rooster to enter back. Sun was so devestated that she almost agreed to leave, if it hadnt of been for Moon. Right before Sun was to leave Moon stopped her and told Sun that she would never be alone. Moon told Sun that she would send Wolf into the human world so that Sun would never have to be alone. Shadow became even more obsessed with making Sun leave that he even placed a curse on Wolf, that when he and his children and every generation after that would crave the taste of Roosters blood. Moon and Sun watched from their skies as Wolf hunted Rooster and they couldnt stop it from happening. But Sun was stronger than Shadow and when Sun had found out about Shadow and his plans she became enraged and sentenced him out of the spirit world. Moon had gotten a soft spot for Shadow after Wolf had left and so when Moon had heard of the punishment, She decided then that she would loose a piece of herself every day and at the end of every month she would hide completely to let Shadow rule. Only if Shadow promised to keep Wolf safe from the humans that were now split and had taken aliking to Rooster and his singing. So Shadow promised and everything was balanced.

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