Summer 2014 (NOT FINISHED)

It was summer, the sun shone brightly from morning until dusk.The rays of the sun warming my back as I swam in the lake behind my best friends summer home. My best friends parents were very rich and could afford summer and winter homes. And being her best friend meant that I got some of the benefits she did, like going to their summer home with my friend and her older broker. Her older brother was also like my older brother, he was kind and gentle and always seemed very overprotective of me, more so than over his actual sister. 

It was a saturday night when their parents left to go to a casino, they would be gone for three days and the drive itself was two hours. That left me and my friend alone with her brother and his friend. The boys were 17 or maybe 16 and my friend and i were both 16. The second that their parents left Mike (Her brother) got out the alchohol and we began to play truth or dare. After 5 shots I began to get dizzy and the game had started getting heated, Mikes friend Kevin contined to dare me to do certain things with him, like kiss his cheek, show me my tits etc.. This continued until Mike dared me to come and straddle his lap. Then I dared Karen(My friend) to go down to the basement, she refused at first until Kevin went with her.

As they padded down the stairs to the beasement Mike shifted me in his lap he of course said that it was because his legs fell asleep. I went along with it and even shifted myself occasionally. I could feel him in his pants growing harder with every shift. He would tense up when I shifted my crotch against his, his cock would stiffen and then after a few minutes I could feel him soften and then once again I would wiggle and up it shot. It seemed like an hour before my friend came back up, her face pink and Kevin's face was flushed, I noticed that Karens shirt was backwards and Kevins pants were unzipped. I didnt say anything and rested my head down on Mikes shoulder. He asked if I was tired and I only nodded. He stood with me still wrapped around him and carried me into the spare room. 

I dont remember falling asleep but i do remember waking up when I felt a body climb into the bed with me. I could tell just from the smell that it was Mike, he always smelled like strawberrys. He slid into my bed and spooned with me. He lay there for a few moments before I felt his cock pressing against my butt. I wanted to press against him but feared that he would leave, I sighed sleepily and rolled slightly away from him. He moved right up next to me again and pressed himself harder into me. He whispered loudly "Monica?" "Monica?" With the second whisper he shook me, I pretended to wake and rolled back to my first position. He groaned loudly and smiled. "I want you awake for this." He kicked off the covers ,

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