Steven Universe Theories --Secret Guardian--

Rose Quarts is Steven's mother, a crystal gem and also the leader of the rebellion that is an underlying concept in the show. Greg is Steven's father and human. So now I will give you facts about this Secret Guardian theory.


1) Rose and Greg made two seperate tapes for their baby, using two different names, depending on the gender of the baby. 

2) Since Rose gave up her physical form to create steven she doesn't know the gender of the baby or know the name used. 

3) Steven found the tape meant for him in Lion's mane, whereas he found the other tape meant for the female gender of the baby in the desert. 

Theory: Someone had to know about Steven enough to be able to plant the tape for Steven in Lion's mane and send Lion to Steven. And we know it wasnt the Crystal Gems. That means that there is someone watching Steven who we haven't met yet. They must have been close friends with rose but kept secret from everyone else. 

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