Steven Universe Theories

--This is gonna be a collection of theories so bear with me-- 

Inside Lion's mane we see the tree, which has many things around it, one of those items however is a chest. The theory states that inside the chest is the shattered remains of PD. 


Where are PD's shards? 

1) Lion. Some people belive that Lion is powered by PD's shards however I do not believe that. In the current episode --Lars' Head-- we see that Lars tries to save the Off Colors and Steven from the little drone thing trying to attack them, as we see he gets hurt in fact he DIES and Steven cries over him, as he cries his tears heal Lars and bring him back, then like Lion Steven can go INSIDE Lars' hair and there we see another tree just like inside Lion. So I believe that Lion had died, and Rose brought him back with her tears. 

2)Rose's Moss. The shapes of the flowers on the bloomed moss are simialr to the flower symbols on the human zoo door. 

3) The Crystal Heart. We all know that the Crystal Temple is magical, but what fuels it? maybe PD's shards are inside the heart and powering the temple. However I do not agree with this, I have a feeling that The Temple does play a part in PdD's shards but I do not believe that PD is powering the temple. I believe that The Temple helped shatter PD. 


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