Steven Universe Theories

Yellow Diamond and her pearl's gem location is on their chest 


Blue dDiamond and her pearl's gem location is on their chest as well. 


Pink Diamond's gem is on her stomach-- (No sign of Pink Pearl)-- 


White Diamond (from the murals) gem is located on her forehead (Quick little theory about Our Pearl --OP-- it is speculated that OP once belonged to White Diamond --WD, just like Yellow Diamond is YD and BD is Blue Diamond-- but OPs outfit colors would suggest that she was once owned or shared by all of the diamonds.)


Recently in the show (Lars' Head) we met some gems called the Off Colors --OC's-- now one of those gems has a theory surrounding her and Pink Pearl --PP-- Rhodonite is a fusion between a Ruby and a Pearl, the theory is that PP and this Ruby fused but then others have gone in and explained how that doesn't make sense. PD's gem location is on her stomach. On Rhodonite's stomach is a Ruby gem, so PP being fused with a Ruby has been debunked. 

(However the Pearl fused with this Ruby would have to be either YD's or BD's Pearl seeing as their gem locations are on their chests.) 


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