My fiance always complains about how he never sees his friends, this started the day we got together. I feel like him being with me has made his friends leave him. And i feel like such a prick. Why couldnt i just get along with his friends? 1) One had a crush on him 2) the one friend i did get along with has recently spread rumors 3) he changes, he ignores me when he is saround his friends. Recently I told him that if he wants more time with friends I will move out so his friends feel welcome. I am so tired. I gave up everyone for him, I have three friends, One is hesitant because i called her clingy and annoying, the other is guy in example twos girlfriend and they dont come over often, and the third has moved to seattle. So i sit at home all day and do nothing, as mentioned I cant work, I dont have my social security card which i need in order to work. His family hates me, his mom thinks that I am just messing with him, and his dad hates me because I dont actually have depression (I do, but according to him you cant have depression becasue you havent been alive as long as he has, nor gone to war) His grandpa doesnt like that I dont do much around the house, his brother hates me because I was "So mean to him" (I tried teasing like everyone else had done but appearently you can only be in the family to tease, Also another reason why his mom hates me) and his sisters daughter said this when I first met them "My mommy said she was gonna kick your but because you're lazy" That was the very first thing she said when i met her. I am more of an outcast with his family than His sisters husband. I dont belong here. They all hate me, and from day one i have made his life a living hell, always dragging him through my depression because I'm needy. Here is a basic day for us; He goes to sleep a little after midnight, somedays he gets to sleep in others he is awake at 5 am I dont see him until his lunch which depends on his day is only 45 minutes to sometimes an hour, he goes back, finishes work and comes home. And then does it all again, except on some saturdays when he plays D&D. So heres how its going tonight, he gets off at 10, we're supposed to shower, and then he has to go to bed to get up at 5 and go to work at 6 am, his break will be probably 11:30 to noon, sometimes more sometimes less, he will go back to work and be done at 3, then at 4 will leave to go play D&D and wont be back for 3-4 hours maybe longer. I keep asking if we can get our own place, but we dont have the money. and the way his family treats me no wonder i dont talk to them. I'm just so tired of pullling him down.

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  1. noahbody

    Perhaps it is not you pulling him down but him pulling you down. Sounds like he puts D&D and his friends before you.

    November 06, 2016