I am an 18 year old female Pagan. I have studied the craft of light and dark magic for a total of 16 years of my life. My grandmother, began teaching me when my parents were murdered by a Summoner of the Dark practice. I hadn't wanted to learn in fear that the Summoner would turn his attention to me. But once I began the practice I couldn't stop, it was as if the God and Goddess wanted this of me. And to be honest when I was 8 years of age I didn't want to. I saw the beauty in the Dark magic and in the Light. I saw the imperfections of my grandmothers spells and sought out to perfect them. At age 14 the Summoner killed my grandmother and burned my families ranch with it all of the Spell books my grandmother collected in her life time. Umong the books were the only photos of my family I had left. The week before my grandmother had told me to move my things into the barn, then I didn't understand why, but now I did. She had forseen this, and didn't try to flee. I am not certain if it is the same Summoner who killed my parents but I do know one thing, the Summoners will pay.


When I was 10 I had gotten angry at my mother, so angry I began to shift. I was terrified and stopped halfway through the change. My mother helped me change back and that was when I found out that I was a Werewolf. Most people think of scary beasts that turn once every month. But that isn't how it happens. You turn when you become angry, and its not like a deformed creature either you look like a wolf. Most people of my original time believed that I was a demon, being a werewolf isn't like being a demon. Its more of a blessing than a curse. 


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  1. Phat

    That would be cool, to be able to hulk out and become a wolf. No need to be violent, just run around and howl at the moon.

    September 02, 2015
    1. gummybear21

      Its just aa rough draft thing

      September 03, 2015