Mary (creepypasta.)

Mary had grown up on a farm, she loved taking care of the animals and giving them all cute little names. She never had to worry about school because her mamma was home schooling her. At 6 am sharp she would wake up, get dressed in her chore clothes, go out and feed her little animals, that all gathered around her. Mary was a sweet little girl with chubby 7 year old cheeks and sun bleached blonde hair that fell in ringlets down her face. She always smiled because nothing was ever wrong. Her momma taught her how to do a great deal of things since there werent any boys around so Mary was taught how to build things and take care of the animals as well as the women's duties. Her momma also taught her some magic words that would protect her if things ever happened. When she was about 9 years old one of her sheep gave birth to a darling white Lamb. She never named him just called him "Marys Lamb" her momma made a song for the two friends. "Mary had a little Lamb, little Lamb, little Lamb, Mary had a little Lamb, and everywhere that Mary went the Lamb was sure to go." And the last part was true. Mary had gone everywhere with the Lamb. When Mary was ten her momma signed her up for public schooling. Mary was afraid but her Lamb went with and as they walked to the school house her momma sang her song. Mary and her Lamb arrived at school, the school kids began to gather around all laughing about Mary and her Lamb. She had to explain to one of the teachers that she was new and when she came back she found that the kids had done something awful her lambs fleece was no longer white it was now red with blood. She cried and took her little Lamb home her momma once seeing the little Lamb led her daughter over to the side yard they laid the little Lamb down and her momma began to sing.

"Mary had a little Lamb it's fleece was white as snow. And everywhere that Mary went the Lamb was sure to go, she brought her Lamb to school one day the kids let out loud jeers, the children took her Lamb away and Mary choked on tears." 

Mary had been inscribing things around the body of her little Lamb as her momma sang, her mom a stepped back and let Mary continue drawing. Her momma watched as her daughter sat back there around the lamb and continued singing. 

"Mary had a little Lamb it's fleece was red with blood, she took him home and swore she'd hurt them good. Mary knew that lambs blood called something ancient, hidden, and deep. As Mary painted signs of old never did she weep. Mary had a little Lamb it made her scary.." 

Her mother looked across the yard as Mary stood up smiling with blood on her hands and a smile on her face Mary whispered 

"Now I dare you look in the mirror and whisper..

Bloody Mary."


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