Gemini Sisters: Eternal Night (MLP)

Princess Celestia, I know the events that are bound to happen today. I fear for your safety and also ours. I will be taking Velvet out to locate some "much needed herbs" as our supplies are running low. Be safe My Teacher and over come the darkness that threatens to take over our kingdom. Forever yours, Sonny Daise.

The events that transpired were as followed, Princess Luna was bound with anger and evil against her sister Celestia. Luna through her anger turned into the legendary NightMare Moon. Bith sisters fought very hard to defeat the other, only when Celestia used the Elements of Harmony against NightMare Moon was she able to over power her, and defeat her, thus banishing her into the moon.

Sonny has taken her sister out into the Everfree Forest but even from there they could hear the battle. Her sister insisted on going back to the castle to help, only when she got there she saw her mentor being banished to the moon. She cried out, Celestia turning noticed that Velvet Comet had just witnessed her banishing her teacher away.

"Velvet, Please do not be angry.. she.. she was possesed-" Celestia tried but was cut off by Velvet

"She was my teacher, your SISTER!" Velvet screamed, tears streaming down both their faces. Sonny ran up behind her sister and tried to nuzzle her side, Velvet jumped away and looked at Celestia. "You're the monster, and I will never forgive you." She turned and stalked out of the room.

Over the next several weeks she was distant, even through the preperations of creating a new castle far away from the forest. The last day in the ruined castle, weeks after the battle would mark another disaster that would plauge all the ponies involved.

Velvet had been distant but she was going to get her revenge. Using the darkness that had surrounded the elements her hatred and anger grew just like Luna's did, only now aided by the darkness of the elements she confronted Celestia. As Celestia and Sonny were talking Velvet entered the hall and looked at them both. Sonny turned and smiled at her sister.

"Oh Hey Velvet, are all of your things moved out?" Sonny asked turning slightly towards her sister. Velvet said nothing and leaned against the crumbled wall, her horn began to glow a faint red.

"They won't need to be moved once today is over." She stopped leaning against the wall and instead put her horn against it and her horn shone brighter, she was drawing out the evil magic from the walls. Sonny side stepped in front of Celestia and looked shocked at her sister.

"vel, what.. what are you doing?" Sonny, concerned took a step forwards, stopping when Velvet looked at her sister, her eyes no longer their soft pink, instead were blood red. Sonny and Celestia gasped and backed away. With a tip of her head Velvet threw her sister aside with the now evil magic surrounding her and stepped closer to Celestia.

"Celestia, its your time to be banished." Velvet stepped forward, her horn glowing brighter. Celestia stepped back and pressed her self against the wall, frantically looking towards Sonny who had began to stir. As she stirred she shook her head, opening the chamber for the elements, as it opened Velvet was yelling angerly at Celestia about how she would pay and how she would regret everything. Sonny using the elements startled her sister, and fpr the second time in weeks two sisters fought each other.

One evil the other trying to save her sister and her teacher. as the battle continued Velvet knocked her sister down. Celestia hurried towards Sonny and wept. "Teacher, don't cry. I will deafeat her and clense her. I saw this happening, I should have stopped it sooner, but I hoped she had just snap out of it, I was wrong. And now I must Banish her." Celestia nodded and helped Sonny stand, aided with the elements and her teachers powers a blast of bright blue light shone through out the castle

"No! No this isnt how it was supposed to go!" Velvet screamed as the light burned through her darkness. WHen the light faded Celestia looked around. Her student and her sisters student were both gone. She tipped her head up to the sky and there in the sky next to the moon was a new star formation. Celestia named it the Gemini Sisters after the students that had made the same mistake she and Luna had made weeks earlier.


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