Blood Lines

Athea stands at the top of her grand staircase. She looked below at the people teeming below her in the foyer. She stood tall even though she wasn't wearing shoes. Her dress was a brilliant emerald green that sparkled in the bright lights. It was backless, and it wrapped around her body showing off all of her curves, it pooled down around her shoeless feet. Her long black hair only slightly curved was pulled up into a high ponytail. She walked down the stairs proudly, as she walked down guests turned to look at her, they smiled and waved. Athea greeted them happily, being very professional she told them all how she was happy they were there. 

A few steps to the left of the stairs was a tucked away area. Barely any light shone there even with every light downstairs on. As Athea walked passed it she stopped and turned her body slightly towards it. Her forest green eyes darted around the shadows her face contorted with fear and strangely, hunger. She had no idea what possesed her but a sudden cold hand on her back made her jump. She quickly pulled her eyes from the shadows, but did not turn her back on it. In front of her eyes stood a darker skinned woman in a red dress it looked almost identical to Athea's only it was a rose red and did not sparkle, nor did it have an open back llike Athea's. The womans face was heart shaped and her nose small, along with her lips. Her eyes were a fierce looking blue that seemed to calm and frighten Athea. But Athea showed no sign of fear. 

"Hello Athea." The woman spoke her voice smooth like honey, cold like a frozen lake and her words like daggers. Athea smiled and met the womans gaze. 

"Hello Briar." Athea said back evenly. "I see you made it unlike last year." She said, her voice staggering a tad but she kept her tone flat and lifeless. Briar smirked and gently pushed one of her curled hairs behind her ear. Athea watched Briar's every movement. Briar stood tall and elegant in her rose red dress, her tall slender frame made her seem even taller than Athea. Briar had a short neck but on top a strong outlined jaw, sharp nose, and refined lips. Her face was soft but plastic looking, no marks stood out on her skin and even her hair was curled perfectly, not a strand out of place, no frayed hair. Absolute perfection. Athea breathed in sharply noticing only now that Briar had been watching her as much as Athea had been watching Briar. 

Both women smiled at each other but said nothing. They walked to the dinning hall together and said their hellos but apart from that neither spoke until the servers started to bring out the meal. Twenty three guests sat down at the table, Athea of course at the head of the table and Briar on her right. Every guest there was someone of importance. From one of the nations leading werepacks to the Witch Queen. As the servers set the last of the trays down, Athea stood. 

"Ladies and gentlemen," She began, her voice flowing loudly "It is with great honor that you all could join me tonight-" Before she could say another word a servent came over to her. Many of the guests began to shake their heads, Athea of course shot daggers at the young man, but when he whispered in her ear her face changed. Her eyes widened in shock she covered her mouth. The guests began to stir. 
"What's going on?!" Barked a wizard named Felton. Athea glanced around at the people around her and shook her head and then whispered in the ear of the servent. Again Athea looked around and then clearing her voice she spoke loudly again. 

"If you all will please leave my home now, you will be escorted home." She looked down at the faces around her, no one argued, they could now sense what Athea had been sensing earlier while she looked into the shadows. She had stupidly gathered them under one roof to be slaughtered. 

(Hey, hey, hey. So I had to write this before I forgot it. There will be another one posted here shortly. XO Gummy)

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