<3 UPDATE <3

Hey guys, I'm doing ok. Actually I'm doing less than okay, but I will be getting therapy for my problems. But other than therapy, I have better news, I have been with my amazing boyfriend for almost three years, which is the longest relationship I have had. HE makes me so happy and he's such a wonderful person. I am also changing my real name to Stormi and thats another huge thing for me, and I passed 2 months without cutting or starving myself which even without starving I've been keeping a steady 120 lbs. I'm proud of myself because of that. I plan on writing more, on here, and also wattpad so if you're there you can follow me. My studies in Pagan and Wicca have been slowly creeping along, mainly because of the situation I am in involving my S.O And his mother, but in three years we will be leaving my stupid town and her evil ass in the rearview mirror and heading for Seattle. :) This is really all that I have to update you on! I hope I can get back to my writing and I hope you all are doing well, Oh! Also If you would like a certain type of story message me or drop your ideas below.

If you would like to follow me on any social media you can do that, on instagram I have to approve of you so before you add me there, message me here and let me know that that is what you're wanting to do. Also I have snapchat and wattpad like I mentioned before, just kindly ask if you'd like my usernames on any of those and hopefully I get back to you all real soon, on either more updates or mor stories. That will be all My Lovies <3

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