sure i love her but i cant help it she is my mom but that is true but she hurt me deedply i was broken but i had no cast kay people im an accident child is that what you want to hear im a drug baby i was used to get drugs for my mom

chapter 1

it was dark and rain was falling from the sky so hard i thought  that it would never stop  pouring. i laid down somehow i new sleep would not come to me in this hell house for the past  6 nites i awoke to see a hooded man standing at the foot  of my ...

temporary home

is this our temporary home do we belong here when will we leave how can we die?what if we never died what if angels could talk? what my point is why do we have a temporary home if  we have Fallen? in LDS it was adam and eves fault i mean really if...


can we at least have a truce? do you exept that i apologized?