A spirit tried to kill or rape me

OH MY GOD okay okay so I just finished a post about talking to ghosts and I stood up but was knocked back down by who I think is the male ghost Drom the last post. but when I tried to get up I couldnt like someone was on me. Then I felt like lips all...

Talking to spirits

So someone on thoughts (you know who you are) asked if my twin and I can talk to the spirits to answer yes we can but we dont for this reason---A while back Me and my twin were home alone and we decided to confront these ghosts so wegot everything we...


Please no hate what I am about to tell you is real. And pretty scary. Okay so since my twin sister and I were 9 ghosts and other things have plagued my life. Here is my story--- May 21 seven years ago. My sister was in the house getting ready for...

My song

Who thinks I should make a video or who thinks i should just post the lyrics on here?

My crush

I told him I loved him he doesnt like long relationships. Damn it I was foolish to think about him wanting me as a "Girl friend" he likes someone else. I am such an idiot!

My funny convo on FB With my crush

So my friend and I were talking about how I would poison him and hide him somewhere deep deep underground where I would have him all to myself. Hahah I miss him SO much it hurts to think about him. I miss him alot <3

Facebook deleted

Hey guys so I had to delete the facebook "Hunter Lock" because I swear someone was stalking it is it possible for someone to like track an account to a computer and find the location? Oh my gosh guys I'm scared should I call the police? or what?