My heart has no beat today

I am  lost in a quiet world I cannot see the light at the end of the tunnle my heart has stopped my tears fall silently my eyes wonder around this empty dark place. My heart cannot beat today i have no life to live. My...

Its been sometime

Its been a while since then I thought you were lost and gone but i see you and how happy you are


i hate when people go around making others feel like crap! Thats just B.S and also why?


I made a promise not to look back but i did and now im running away again back and forth humm i wish somebody could save me from the monster the monster thats in me


Stabbed and broken I wish i never would have fallen. From my place in the sky You have hunted me down stood over me stabbed my wings cut them off and left me to bleed now why the hell would you do that? when i thought you...

My Wings Have Failed Me

They carried me to the edge Dropped me in the water Left me to die in the coldness I feel the waves and the currant Pull me down to my cold dark grave All beacause my wings failed because you said goodbye

did you ver even notice

that i am always there when nobody else is that im the only one who throughs pebbles at your windows that i am absoulotily insane for you. did you notice?    

For Toni55

Kay my first page that i went to was google and it says: you can tell if an eagle is male or female by Size differences. Or the internal examination called laparoscopy. Females are about 1/3 larger then males. (If you can get a picture of another one...


i have a new favorite! this is halloween-the nightmare before christmas

i think i am a genious

kay so those who have noticed my blogs about the clock i think i found something one it was made in germany instructions 1.remove key from door by pushing upward & remove pendulum by pulling top forward. (kay?) 2.remove rubber band and...

The Ticking Clock

a perfect plot: the woman walks home through a dark alley way what she doesnt know theres someone behind her.She hears something behind her she stops he hides. she looks around taking every thing in turns back around to face her stalker and she...

mysterious clock

kay so i found this really old clock and it says "linden" up at the 12. and "west germany" down at the 6. its in a square case and there are little golden angels in the corner. then on the back theres a nob and it says "chime" or "silent" then...

My rythm

I got a beat                    one just for me                                         i dance to my beat not to yours and so what                    i may not dance correctly                                                          i...

Crazy bout

all of this all of you how you make me feel how to show it to you i am crazy bout my music

Dad shoots girls laptop??

Now i'm not saying thats bad i hope it taught her a lesson. But don't you think he could have made her sit there and watch it??I mean yeah i would do that. I have chores to but i don't go and rant on facebook. my rents would have cows if i did...

Speacial announcement

I am happy to announce i am officially kicked off of facebook until my uncle stops being an ass about it. Well idk if he changed the password yet so im going to loook wish me luck


Last night  I was cleaning my room and I found a letter it's like really sweet. It's from my ex-Westly kay here it goes. Dear Taylor, Ive read your notes.Now you read this one. You have no idea how lucky I am to have you. Your such a...

This is what i am

Girly at times Uncontrollibally in love In controll (not) Loveable Taken away You knew these already right?