haha i am laughing

kay i seen a whole bunch of deer and i started howling at them for like an hour then i scared them by getting closer dressed as a wolf then i screamed really really loud (after i got some pics) but it was funny me and my cousin were having a...


i was bit and now i'm lying on the floor bleeding out everything emptieness my body shudders i am fadin Venom pulses through me veind up,up,up to my heart i feel like i am falling through clouds and then right as it's all about...

3 Miles away

I'm 3 miles away from your home i'm gas ccant go anywhere now i feel like somethings missing theres a hole in my heart where you used to be i feel as if i'm empty i cant sleep cant eat without you 3 miles away and i feel as if you...


The sh*t you hear about me might be true but then again it might be as fake as the b*tch who told you.


People always ask me"why are you so weird?" then i thought to myself "why would i be like this?" "when i could be like this?"     I tried to be normal............ but i got bored so i went back to being me :D


Nobody is ever alone.......... you always have yourself. Nobody is ever forgotton.......someone remembers you <3 ~gummy~


Kay i think this is fucking funny  

A smile

hey thoughtsters I thought i'd post and say my friend he needs lots of hugs and smiles :) so please give him some thanks ~Gummy~

The time of innocence is over

We lost that                         long ago when we chose                  our path to be                                   unique and now i                        smile cause i'm                                 proud that i'm...


Okay so im watching criminal minds so i thought i'd share this with you guys i think it's funny. Reid: I don't know everything even tho you think i do Morgan: i dont when have i ever said that? Emily: this morning Hotch :when he beat you...

Night mare

"The young filly was said to be born in a snow storm her sister a minute later the mother died the next night. the first filly was a troubled one the second stayed in pony school and soon became queen Cel the first filly was a night mare she was...


Ways away............ she's gone she walked away through the rain and you let her go why?

I want to forget

I want to forget all of this. I don't want  to remember. I want to let you go. I don't want to hurt. Please just let me forget. You and Your name. Your kiss Your touch Your scent All the notes we passed ...

I'm Regretting

I'm regretting ever loving,waiting,crushing on you. I thought we would be happy and like when i was younger i would marry you and we would go live in your castle, I'm regretting meeting you. Being born. I think back now and with i did commit my...

I want this type of guy

I want you to hug me whenever I want you to wrap your arms around my waist and kiss my neck I want you to be there I want you to run up behind me and pick me up into your arms. I'm not selfish i just want you.......  

Story #2 Fallow the Hallow

Hail the size of golf balls pelted down from the sky Ana Herison lay on the couch flipping through channels. She got to channel 665 she knew better not to go to channel 666 for the eveil eyes might jump out and grab her. Liars she thought. Her parents...

story #1 Trouble

As she was walking out the door she looked into the mirror and sighed she shut the light off and closed the door. Leaves danced around her feet the wind played with hair as she walked to the bus stop. Her boyfriend Paul was already there, he stood...

My 6 Secrets

~ I sleep with my teddy (rainbowdash) ~ I love JD (Jonny Depp. Who doesnt?) ~ I listen to Taylor Swift ~ My dad scares me ~ I have anger problems ~My  favorite blanket is ripped :(  

A dream i had for the past 5 nights! :D

So I'm walking down Main But it doesn't look like it. It's raining no its pouring like the Goddess is crying a few cars rushed  by without seeing me. i walked past the old wilow and he comes up out of the ground holding an umbrella ...

Out of Life

The world revolves it never stops until the day its out of life i bring pain i bring sorrow I am death i'm sorry to say that today is that day where childeren fall and parents die and where you all are out of life.

Useless Is My Name

For all who don't Or wouldn't know Usless is my name. They say i can't and that i won't ever make it. they don't believe i could if i put forth the effort but you see? they'll still call me Useless.

poem city of lies

i stepped off my plane and into the colorless fields of grain walked through the rain and remebered the pain   my friends knew you better than i but still i dont see why was i not good enough so you had to lie you had to break...