You did what you had to do,  you told me the truth about my self all those years you lied to me you let me down and you put my faith in you to the ground dad says i should love you but i  cant i cry every nite cause of what you did you yelled at me...

Love Story

we all fall in love but not every love is as gental love is not a peaceful dove even if you think its mental you took me in & stuck me under your wing thats when the angels began to sing we were  a match that was until we...


They say this is a temporary pain but its not its forever then She says i gave her up but i didnt just cause i went out with her ex and so what if my elements start with w,e,s.thats is name it doesnt meen fate put us together and its not a...


I am never moving on when you come home ill be here just like the day you left  i tried to move on but i couldnt i tried  to cover tho hole in my heart but it never filled i am lost but i have not left Nyx she is with me and you ...

lost but not found

these are souls that have been misunderstood and hidden deep in the shadows im not trying to scare you but if you dont watch your back youll be next


we all have been loved and forgoten  we all smiled and laughed we all shared secrets and gave them away we once will die are you ready i understood you from start to finish


liquid love  soled silver my tears run down my face she left me for another gave me away like i was a homeless creature i gave her every thing i had and she left me my wings were gold  and now they are black

petals of a rose

petals of a rose blossom and bloom grow and die we all do its life we're all a petal of a rose a beautiful rose  arent you glad we're apart of this  rose can you believe that. this rose we have to take care of it so it will blosom...


you can call me a cheater you can call me a loser and you can call me a Raven but you can not call me a fool or a lier cause i am neither you  can not call me yours cause i am not you do not own me i am a Raven  not a falcon  call you what...


im sick of her she says one thing then another no more trust im done with her


shes dead shes gone  i know she was searching for something shes dead shes gone i dont believe in her coming home shes dead and gone  to me


im frozen i can not move  i am rooted to this spot i am frozen i am still i am un moving un living i am unbreakable i am frozen

please read

please read my letters when i am dead please read my thoughts when i die please see my tears as they fall please dont laugh and take a while. please dont cry for i am here in everything that you do please listen to the winds only to find me again


its never easy to have a friend leave  even if u love her  and u never told her how u feel

the gods

strange clouded fragments of an ancient glory late linngers of company divine, they breathe of that far world whererom they come lost halls and olimyon air.


Childeren are sweet angels from heaven while adults are from hell yeswe all will grow up  but we will always i will anyway have my goddess in me i love my goddess Nyx shes the best